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Women of Ancient History map
Women Of Ancient History
Global Writing Cultures map
Global Writing Cultures
Interactive Map of Written Objects
Augustine network map
Epistolary Networks and Maps
Greek drama network
Network Visualizations
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Graphs of Text
Latin Canon Viz
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Antiquity μὲν... Computers δὲ...

Latin Greek

Literature, with some interest in paleography/papyrology. I have a wide array of interests but often find myself in histories the novels.

Hebrew Aramaic

Greek and Roman cultures did not exist or develop in a vacuum. Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism offer additional avenues to study the ancient Mediterranean.

Text Analysis

I love close reading, especially in a classroom. Distant reading and macroanalysis of texts offer new possibilities for insight and can lead to explorations beyond the canon.

Interactive Visualizations

I love to click things! Engagement and learning outcomes improve when users can manipulate data. (today's undergrads)

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Edward Keogh

Enthusiastic Lover of Languages

back of book type blurb. My wife and children (5th, 3rd, and K) live with me in North Liberty, Iowa. In summer, we are found in a pool or lake; by fall, on hiking trails; if the winter is snowy, we sled, otherwise we huddle for warmth while reading or watching a movie; SPRING... landscaping and gardening that probably won't survive the summer.